Subsequent Treatments

I normally recommend a course of 3 treatments over 3 weeks to achieve the optimum benefit. However, this is dependent upon my initial findings, as it may be a simple issue that can be resolved in a single session or you may just want a health check for your dog.

Working to best practise standards, I will not see your dog for more than 3 sessions to treat the initial injury. This is a results-driven therapy & you should see a positive improvement within 3 sessions, so if there is no change, I will refer you back to your vet for further assessment or suggest an alternative therapy that may help.

You are welcome to request:

regular maintenance treatments to help keep your dog mobile

  • regular maintenance treatments to help keep your dog mobile

  • seasonal treatments for working & sporting dogs

I am happy to discuss what will best suit your dog.

Subsequent treatments normally last 1 hour & include:

Your Observations

  • Your Observations

What changes have you seen, be it any improvement, concerns or problems since last treatment

Full Body Palpation

  • Full Body Palpation

I prefer to complete a muscular assessment at each visit, to check previous injuries & ensure your dog has not accumulated any other issues.

Massage Therapy Treatment

  • Massage Therapy Treatment

The treatment may not be the same for each session, as it will be tailored to your dog’s specific injuries & issues. It will still include a full body massage treatment, lasting approximately 45-50mins.


  • Feedback

I will update you on my findings & add additional information to your personalised maintenance plan. Please bring this with you to each session.

To find out how K9 Elements can help your dog, contact Jenny today on 0800 756 3664.

K9 Elements

“After 3 sessions with Jenny, Tyler was standing much better. Beforehand, he was quite hunched in his back.” Michelle with Tyler (4yr old Poodle-cross) More

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