Treatment Details

Before Your First Appointment

Veterinary Consent

Before treating your dog, I need you to obtain Veterinary Consent. I acknowledge the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 & Exemption Order 1962 by never working upon a dog without gaining prior veterinary approval. All therapists are legally required to obtain veterinary consent to comply with UK Law. This also ensures that your dog does not have an underlying condition which massage therapy could be detrimental to.

Please note: I cannot treat a dog without veterinary consent. However, it is a simple process:

Simply download the form here & print.

Complete the details about you & your dog.

Ask your Vet to complete & sign the form. Please ask your Vet to contact me directly if they have any questions. Without a vet’s signature I am unable to treat your dog.

Please bring the signed form to your first appointment.

Booking An Appointment

Please contact me directly to book an appointment. When booking, please take into consideration that I cannot treat your dog within 2 weeks of:


  • Vaccinations

  • Flea or tick applications

  • Donating blood

Your First Appointment

Please ensure your dog has toileted before the session. You can take your dog for a walk, but please allow time for their body to return to normal levels after exercise. I normally advise you not to exercise them for at least 1 hour prior to treatment, nor feed them for 2 hours prior.

Your first appointment will typically last 1 hour 30 minutes & includes:


This covers medical history, diet, lifestyle & exercise. I will also ask if you have noted any problems or changes & if you have any specific issues or concerns.

Gait & Postural Analysis

I will observe your dog’s natural standing position & then ask you to walk & trot your dog, so I can analyse how your dog moves & holds its body. This can reveal stiffness, lameness, gait irregularities and areas of overcompensation.

Full Body Palpation

Using my hands, I complete a muscular assessment of the body to identify any injuries. I test for areas of tightness or soreness, injuries (muscle strains), scar tissue, spasms, trigger points, adhesions, temperature change & muscle wastage. In essence, I am feeling for muscles that are not functioning effectively.
Please advise me if your dog is particularly nervous of visiting the vets & I may incorporate this step into the treatment to minimise any stress to the dog.

Massage Therapy Treatment

Each treatment is tailored to your dog’s specific needs, so no session is the same. Using a blend of Swedish, Sports & Myofascial Release massage techniques, I not only treat the specific injuries, but complete a full body massage to release any areas of overcompensation. Throughout the session I constantly assess your dog, adapting to their responses. Treatments lasts approximately 45-50mins.


After the treatment I will explain any injuries found, their location & provide you with a personalised maintenance plan tailored specifically for your dog. This comprises recommendations & advice to help your dog achieve the maximum benefit from this therapy. Please bring this plan with you to each session.

Following treatment your dog may experience the Healing Crisis. This is the body’s natural healing process, but can present symptoms that cause owners to believe their dog is experiencing side-effects. Please do not worry, this is a natural reaction & I will explain this further during our appointment. For more information please refer to Healing Crisis.

Please feel free to ask me questions at any time throughout the treatment. Should you have any concerns about your dog after I have left, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Subsequent Treatments

Subsequent treatments normally last 1 hour & I typically recommend a course of 3 treatments over 3 weeks to achieve the optimum benefit. Please click here for more information about Subsequent Treatments.

You are welcome to request:

regular maintenance treatments to help keep your dog mobile

  • regular maintenance treatments to help keep your dog mobile

  • seasonal treatments for working & sporting dogs

I am happy to discuss what will best suit your dog.

Keeping Your Vet Informed

Following the initial course of treatment, I complete a full case report which I send to your vet for their information & to include on your records. This details my findings and any recommendations I have made. Should your vet have any questions about the treatment or findings, they are welcome to contact me.

Acknowledges and respects the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 and Exemption Order 2015 by never working upon an animal without gaining prior veterinary approval and your vet is sent a full Post Treatment Report after your dog`s treatment is completed.

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