Success stories of Canine Massage Therapy:

Julie with Marley (Bichon Frise)

"Jenny has given Marley 2 sessions of massage with dramatic results. She immediately made him feel relaxed, so much so that he closed his eyes at times. He certainly feels the benefit and when she stopped he pawed her for more. Jenny is dedicated to what she does and extremely professional.......she has shown me how to massage the key areas on Marley and I can contact her at anytime for further advice/guidance or indeed further sessions if needed for Marley my Bichon Frise.

I would highly recommend Jenny to anybody who has a problem with movement, gait or pulled muscles on their animals as this is certainly not an overpriced remedy.......and also de-stresses them (and you) at the same time.

Marley says THANKYOU with a big lick"

Helen with Wilson (Lurcher)

“My husband thought I was mad booking massage sessions for the dog, however, as soon as we met Jenny, it was obvious that she knew how to deal with our dog's many mobility issues. She identified some old injuries which once massaged seemed much better, and Wilson was a very willing customer, immediately lying down on the cozy fur mat that Jenny brings with her. Jenny knows her doggy anatomy and listened to the dog and us, when we thought she’d hit a tender spot…. Jenny follows up too, informing you of her findings, makes suggestions to help further and genuinely cares about her customers, we are very pleased to have met her”

Alison with Caspar (Golden Retriever)

"Jenny came to my house to see my Golden Retriever, Caspar, who is three and half years old, because I felt he was not jumping to his full capacity at his agility lessons. Jenny had a very calming and relaxing manner with Caspar and was able to complete a full examination and confirmed that he had strained some leg and chest muscles. In fact Jenny was so professional with him that Caspar went to sleep during his massage! She then suggested a couple more massage sessions and some additional exercises for me to use in between her visits.

Caspar is now back to flying over the fences with his boundless energy and enthusiasm. I was pleased to have asked Jenny for her advice and treatments as it reassured me about Caspar's problem because she treated him in a very professional manner. I would be very happy to recommend her to any of my friends . Thanks again!"

Mandy with Subi (Labrador)

"I have a thirteen year old Labrador. In 2012 she had an operation on a disc that was pressing on a nerve in her back, causing her to drag her right back leg. The operation was successful but last year she became stiff on getting up and going for walks. I did not want to give her medication as I am concerned about side effects. I thought acupuncture might help her and a Vet did come to the house to give her the therapy, but my dog became very fearful of us and backed away when we went to stroke her. I stopped her having anymore sessions but it took her sometime to get back to normal. The acupuncture did help her stiffness but after stopping it she became stiff in her legs again.

I looked on the Internet to find some alternative treatment and came across Canine Massage Therapy. I know massage is good for humans so I got in touch with Jenny and arranged some treatment for my dog. I was apprehensive after the experience with the acupuncture.

Jenny was amazing with my dog, so patient and thorough, going all over the dog's body and massaging the areas that were painful. At the end of the session, Jenny told me how I could help by continuing some massage at home with some techniques she showed me. The days after were delightful for me. Our dog was running in the field and liking life again. We have had more massage therapy with Jenny and I am always pleased with the result. Also, Jenny will always follow up a session with an email to see how my dog is getting on after the therapy which I find helpful to give her any feedback.

I would thoroughly recommend Jenny to anyone looking to help their animal find a better quality of life."

Elaine with Hugo

"Hugo is a large dog, with arthritis in four legs and cruciate failure in both back legs which required TPLO surgery. He finds it difficult to sit/stand and had a low exercise tolerance. I decided to try canine massage to make him more comfortable and put a bit of spring back in his step.

Jenny has been to see Hugo three times and she has been brilliant, friendly relaxed and explained everything. Hugo took to her straight away and on the first session was so relaxed he fell asleep. Since then I have been giving top up massages to Hugo most days and the results are great. He will never be 100% sound but he is more mobile exercising and seems to be more comfortable generally, he's playing again and able to go for longer walks (provided we take our time).
Good value for money and we will definitely have maintenance sessions in the future. Thanks Jenny much appreciated - especially for being patient whilst Hugo nosed around in your bag!"

Monica with Marvin & Millie (Collies)

"We saw details of K9 Massage at an All About Dogs event and given the underdeveloped muscles that one of our two rescue dogs had experienced in early life, we thought it would be beneficial.

Jenny was generous with her time, spirit, humour and advice which meant our dogs settled immediately with her, as did we. Her expert hands soon found trigger points which after another session and by following her advice on new walking/play regimes have seen 100% improvement. Marvin will no doubt be special needs in later life and we will not hesitate to call on Jenny again."

Georgina with Dotty (Jack Russell Terrier)

"Dotty is a 7 year old rescue Jack Russell cross who started agility training earlier this year. I recently noticed she had become reluctant to weave and was occasionally lame on one of her hind legs.

Jenny came out to our home and spent 2 hours taking a history and treating Dotty. I had been worried that Dotty wouldn't be able to stay still as she's quite a wiggly little dog, but she relaxed well and Jenny made her feel so at ease that she fell asleep during the session.

Jenny visited us on Thursday. By training on Saturday, Dotty was on top form, even managing 12 weaves with no pain or hesitation and on Sunday she was able to compete at our club show and earn herself a few rosettes.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Jenny again and will look to so occasionally during the year, just to keep Dotty working well. Many thanks for your help Jenny!"

Kirsti with Dori & Perdi (Labradors)

"I met Jenny at an agility show, where she quickly identified the problems that was causing my older Labrador to have recurring lameness. I arranged for Jenny to treat both of my dogs, because although my younger Labrador was not showing any signs of problems, I wanted to be absolutely sure there was nothing underlying. Jenny again quickly identified a couple of strains in the younger Labrador. My younger Labrador had one treatment and my older Labrador has needed two.

Jenny was amazing from the offset, in particular putting me at ease and making me feel very calm. She worked with both of my dogs professionally and sensitively, making them both feel relaxed and happy. I could not recommend anyone higher to carry out Canine Massage on your dog, as you will be in very safe and knowledgeable hands. I am so pleased that both of my Labradors are happily bouncing about again after only one and two treatments. Thank you Jenny!"

Michelle with Tyler (4yr old Poodle-cross)

“After 3 sessions with Jenny, Tyler was standing much better. Beforehand, he was quite hunched in his back.”

K9 Elements

HULA Animal Rescue

K9 Elements

"We would yet again like to say a huge thank you to Jenny Youdan for volunteering her time to allow some of our dogs to get a session of Canine Massage Therapy. Jenny is a very busy lady so we really do appreciate all that she can do for HULA."

"As you can see, Cuddles is enjoying his massage. We are sure that's a big smile on his face!"

Gemma with Matty

"Our obedience dog was breaking from the sit stays, so we asked Jenny to look at our dog to determine if this was a training issue or a health issue. Jenny identified the cause, located & treated the muscular injury. Our dog returned to competition & completed the sit stays without problem."

Natalie Lenton, Director of Canine Massage Therapy Centre

"Jenny's dedication and commitment to the Therapeutic Canine Massage Diploma was second to none. Right from the word go it was obvious that Jenny's passion and focus for the subject of Canine Anatomy & Physiology and Massage would ensure she was a success. From her first case study Jenny achieved fantastic, tangible results with dogs suffering from mobility issues, ranging from mild to severe.

As a practising therapist, Jenny has taken her dedication further by building a successful practice, ensuring she provides the best service possible for all her Canine Clients. She achieves consistently high results with her clients using Therapeutic Canine Massage."

To find out how K9 Elements can help your dog, contact Jenny today on 0800 756 3664.

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