Vet Consent

Why do I need veterinary consent for treatment?

All canine massage therapists are legally required to obtain veterinary consent (not referral) prior to any treatment. Vet consent is required to comply with UK Law & is governed by the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 & Exemption Order 1962.

This ensures that your dog does not have an underlying condition which massage therapy could be detrimental to.

What if my vet won’t sign the consent form

I am sorry, but without veterinary consent I am unable to provide massage therapy to your dog. Not only would this be illegal, but your dog could have a contraindication to massage & therefore treatment could worsen the condition. However, I am more than happy to speak to your vet to understand any issues & answer any questions they may have.


Where are you based & what area do you cover?

Based in Milton Keynes, I cover Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire. I am within easy reach of Aylesbury, Bedford, Buckingham, Leighton Buzzard & Northampton.

It is also possible for me to arrange a monthly visit to the Newbury area, serving the M4 corridor from Reading to Swindon & surrounding areas, such as Basingstoke, Andover & Hungerford.

If you are unsure whether I cover your area, please get in contact & I can advise you of your local therapist or provide you with the available options.

Do you offer home visits or are you clinic based?

I predominantly offer Canine Massage to dogs in the comfort of their own home. However, iI can also offer a clinic-based appointment as an alternative option if you prefer. Please let me know at the time of booking.


Can I stay with my dog during treatment?

You are more than welcome to remain with your dog during treatment & I actively encourage it. During the session I will explain what I need you to do.

Is massage safe?

Yes, canine massage is a safe, non-invasive therapy.

That being said, it should only be completed by a skilled professional who has an in-depth knowledge of canine anatomy & physiology & can pinpoint the muscle groups responsible for the pain. They must understand the impact of massage on your dog’s body & only apply techniques in a safe manner, whilst acknowledging the contraindications to massage.

Does massage hurt my dog?

I fully warm up the dog's muscles before working on them & take all precautions to minimise any discomfort. However, please be aware that areas of injury will already be tender & deep tissue work may be uncomfortable. If you have ever had a sports massage, you will understand that it can be painful during the treatment, but you feel the benefit afterwards!

Will my dog experience any side effects after treatment?

Following treatment your dog may experience the Healing Crisis. This is the body’s natural healing process, but can present symptoms that cause owners to believe their dog is experiencing side-effects. Please do not worry, this is a natural reaction & I will explain this further during our appointment. For more information please refer to Healing Crisis

How many sessions will my dog need to show an improvement?

I normally recommend a course of 3 treatments over the course of 3 weeks to produce the optimum results. You should start to see an improvement within 1-3 sessions, although some dogs may require an extra session initially, to allow me to soften the tissues & feel for any potential injuries. If there is no improvement after 3 sessions, I will recommend an alternative therapy or refer you back to your vets, depending on my findings.

Some dogs benefit from regular maintenance treatments, especially those with orthopaedic contditions, such as arthritis. Whilst working & sporting dogs benefit from a treatment at the end of the season & again at the start.

Can my dog train the next day?

It is not advisable for your dog to train the day after receiving massage therapy. My normal suggestion is to allow the dog to rest post-treatment. This allows the body to fully recover & minimise the risk of further injury. Please also refer to the Healing Crisis.

Dogs suitable for massage

Is Canine Massage only suitable for dogs with an injury or orthopaedic condition?

In short, no.

Whilst Canine Massage can help resolve muscular injuries & support dogs suffering from an orthopaedic condition, it can benefit dogs from all walks of life.

Is Canine Massage beneficial for ‘healthy’ or young dogs?

Absolutely! It is a great therapy that can help all dogs, even as a maintenance or preventative treatment.

You would be surprised how many 'healthy' dogs are actually carrying an injury. This is due to their resilient nature & ability to hide pain.

Will my pet insurance company cover Canine Massage?

Some pet insurance policies do cover complementary treatments, including Canine Massage. Please refer to your individual policy & check with your pet insurance provider, as some insurers only cover these therapies as part of a rehabilitation programme ie. post-operative & do not cover them when used as preventative measure.

However, please note that we offer affordable health care for dogs & it may not be necessary to claim, as the cost of treatment may be less than your policy excess.

If you are recovering the treatment costs through an insurance claim, please let me know. I am more than happy to complete any required paperwork & provide invoices or a schedule of treatments.

If you have any unanswered questions or want to know more, contact Jenny today on 0800 756 3664.

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