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Do you want a Professional Canine Massage Therapist at your event?

If you are holding a dog-related show or event and think my services could benefit your guests, please email me at jenny@k9elements.co.uk providing details of the event.

At events I can:

Provide information about Therapeutic Canine Massage

  • Provide information about Therapeutic Canine Massage

  • Offers dogs a muscular health check to identify any soft tissue injuries

  • Complete pre-event warm-ups and post-event cool-downs. Please Note: this is ONLY available to existing clients

  • Book appointments for a full treatment at a later date

  • Answer any questions

Please note that I CANNOT offer full massage treatments at the show, as I acknowledge and respect the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 & Exemption Order 1962, by never working upon a dog without gaining prior veterinary approval. This is to ensure that the dog does not suffer from an underlying condition which could be aggravated by massage.

To invite K9 Elements Massage Therapy to your event contact Jenny today on 0800 756 3664.

K9 Elements

“After 3 sessions with Jenny, Tyler was standing much better. Beforehand, he was quite hunched in his back.” Michelle with Tyler (4yr old Poodle-cross) More

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