Canine Massage is a holistic therapy that treats the dog’s entire body, rather than focusing purely on the injured area. This ensures that all potential injuries are identified & any areas of overcompensation or referred pain are also treated.

Although massage works primarily on the skin & muscular system, all of the dog’s 11 physiological systems are inter-linked, so it can influence all the other bodily systems, providing numerous benefits. This is also why it is essential as a therapist, to have an in-depth knowledge of canine anatomy, so as not to cause the dog any bodily harm.

Improving Your Dog's Quality of Life

The main benefits include, but are not limited to:

Non-invasive therapy

  • Non-invasive therapy

  • Natural method of pain relief

  • Improves mobility, by reducing lameness

  • Reduces stiffness associated with orthopaedic conditions

  • Improves muscle flexibility, reducing the risk of injury

  • Minimises the risk of overcompensation injuries

  • Alleviates age-related symptoms

  • Full body health check

  • And many more......

Canine Massage allows you to take responsibility for your dog’s health & welfare.

I typically recommend 3 sessions over the course of 3 weeks for optimum benefit.

To see if your dog can benefit from Canine Massage Therapy, contact Jenny today on 0800 756 3664.

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“After 3 sessions with Jenny, Tyler was standing much better. Beforehand, he was quite hunched in his back.” Michelle with Tyler (4yr old Poodle-cross) More

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