Canine Massage

Therapeutic Canine Massage is a completely natural therapy that uses specific, measured strokes to manipulate soft tissue. It promotes the body’s natural healing process & helps to resolve everyday mobility issues by relieving pain caused by muscle injuries & joint problems.

A dog’s muscular system contains approximately 700 muscles, accounting for up to 45% of its body weight. It is intrinsically linked with the skeletal system to create movement, with the contraction of the muscles pulling on the bones. Consequently, each of these muscles needs to function effectively to allow your dog to walk, run & play.

Muscular pain can be debilitating

Just like humans, dogs can accumulate muscular tension & suffer injuries caused through daily activities. Holding an injury in any one of these muscles can have a detrimental impact on their quality of life, by affecting both their mobility & their personality (mood).

However, they cannot tell us where it hurts & they tend to hide the injury. Dogs by their nature are very resilient when in pain and obviously they can’t tell us what is going on.

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“After 3 sessions with Jenny, Tyler was standing much better. Beforehand, he was quite hunched in his back.” Michelle with Tyler (4yr old Poodle-cross) More

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