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Specialising in Therapeutic Canine Massage, I provide remedial therapy that aims to:

Resolve muscular injuries, such as strains and trigger points

  • Resolve muscular injuries, such as strains and trigger points

  • Support orthopaedic conditions, such as arthritis or hip dysplasia

  • Help dogs recover more quickly after surgery

Just like humans, dogs can accumulate muscular tension and suffer injuries caused by daily activities, but they are resilient to pain and tend to hide their injuries. My aim is to help your dog remain mobile & improve their quality of life.

If you prefer to watch an overview of Canine Massage, then please see my video

K9 Elements

Fluff, the Irish Wolfhound, at Crufts.

Symptoms to look out for

Limping or lameness

  • Limping or lameness

  • Stiffness

  • Signs of ageing

  • Coat changes or flicks

  • Quivering skin or twitching down their back

  • Difficulty going up and down stairs

  • Struggling to get in or out of the car

  • Unable to jump on or off the sofa

  • Posture changes or gait irregularities

How Canine Massage Can Help

Using my extensive knowledge of canine anatomy and physiology combined with hands-on palpation skills, I can assess your dog’s body to locate and identify any soft tissue injuries.

I specialise in four disciplines of massage:


  • Swedish

  • Sports

  • Deep tissue

  • Myofascial release

This enables me to treat the injury using the most appropriate massage technique, whilst also finding a method that suits your dog. Their wellbeing is my priority, so you can rest assured your pet is in good hands.

Massage is a natural, results-driven therapy that aims to improve your dog’s mobility within only 3 sessions. It is suitable for dogs from all walks of life and can help treat a wide variety of injuries and conditions. Although it provides numerous benefits, my ultimate aim at K9 Elements is to improve your dog’s quality of life.

To find out how K9 Elements can help your dog, contact Jenny today on 0800 756 3664.

K9 Elements

“After 3 sessions with Jenny, Tyler was standing much better. Beforehand, he was quite hunched in his back.” Michelle with Tyler (4yr old Poodle-cross) More

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